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★ S.M Moniruzzaman at a glance ★
Sheikh Moniruzzaman, chairman, A & ABF (regi-888), a voluntary
organization committed to implement human rights declared by UN, son of Alhaj Sheikh Karamat Ali, a great freedom fighter, a caretaker of Patkelghata
Al Amin Senior Madrasah, a Jamat led Madrasah where Sheikh Karamat Ali was only protestor of jamat being freedom fighter. Sheikh Karamat Ali influenced his son to be an Alem but he becomes a free thinker & fan of Bongobondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. He protested Moudidism in lieu of history of subcontinent. He burnt volume book of shibir when he was the learner of higher secondary student of Keshabpur Bahrul Ulum Kamil Madrasah. During his Dhaka Alia Madrasah, he directly involved in BSL politics with Sagor, Manik those who are active in Jubo League politics and engaged himself in direct politics. In working life, he took responsibility of a & abf as a chairman. Before national election, Sheikh Nurul Islam, president of Tala Upazila Awamileagu found nomination by his direct cooperation. For his direct involvement, a team of central committee negotiated with the executive committee of Bangladesh Awamileague. Thenceforth he has been doing politics for Bangladesh awamileague in practical ficld & virtual line. 

During violation before nation election Satkhira becomes mini pakistan due to Jamat BNP when he made public consciousness against in collaboration of president Sheikh Nurul Islam when maximum leaders were absent from political scenario. Video footage with physical presence image has been added severally in online version & print media. Patkelghata thana was saved for his brave role. During health minister visit in Satkhira, he played a time deserving role arranging juboleague activists. Birth day of our dear prime minister is observed at Tala upazila for the first time. He found ourt the real heroes of Satkhira; CSP Ruhul Kuddus, Answar Ali Master & SM Alauddin commemorating then in a poster. In order to raise consciousness for AL,he for the fist time hang pana poster Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, father of the nation & Sheikh Hasina. Prime Minister. Thenceforth he has been pioneer of digital presentation of AL. He plays a brave role in crisis of AL. In critical politics of Tala upazila, he is out of discussion rather he is criticized for his presentation. But situation has been changed for his sincerity & consistency of politics. He wants support from all concerned. Researcher Shre Indronil, Director admin, a&abf, law& right implementing forum, a voluntary organization, Dhanmondhi, Dhaka. Thanking all. If any question, look into fb Liton Bongobashi, Shre indronil, Sheikh Moniruzzaman, Monir zaman, Ayne Adhikar, Bongobondhu Sheikh Hasina Procharona Parishad & watch activities & its truthfulness.

Thanking All.

★Biography of S.M Moniruzzaman★

Liberation War, Father of the Nation, Awami League strives to implement its philosophy and dreams. Spreading rumors against the development progress of the government like a heroic warrior for the purpose of building a non-communal Bangladesh with the spirit of the liberation war.
Patirodh Shre Indronil & Associates a consultancy agency is reputed online based I have been performing the full-time admin responsibility of building resistance.

On 24th November 1986 in Barabila village of Sarulia union of Tala upazila of Satkhira district. I was born in a traditional Sheikh family. Father Sheikh Keramat Ali mother Majida Khatun is the 5th of the couple child Received moral education from Sufi father and Sarvamsha mother.

Primary education in local institutions is completed Secondary in science department in 2001, higher secondary in science department in 2003, 2006 Graduated in 2008 and Post Graduate Dhaka Alia in 2008, passed LLB (Hons) from a private university in 2011.

The child born in the damadol of the anti-dictatorship movement came in the 90s to receive the teachings of independence, sovereignty, liberation war, father of the nation and Awami League’s political philosophy and successful prime minister, mother of humanity, public leader Sheikh Hasina, in the crisis and struggle that has been going on till now, and will continue to die.

Constantly participating in party programs like a worker and in a good manner without expecting a party title I play tireless and selfless role in implementation. 2013 and 2014 as president of Tala Upazila branch of Bangabandhu Sainik League, the subsidiary organization of Bangladesh Awami League, the historical political organization of the subcontinent. I served in 2014.

In order to increase the morale and courage of Bangladesh Awami League leaders and supporters, the Law and Rights Implementation Forum is trying to implement the United Nations Human Rights Declaration. 44th Great Victory Month December 1, 2015 at 12:01 PM as Chief Executive Organizer

On the occasion, 44 candles were lit at the Shaheed Minar adjacent to Patkelghata Ballfield under Tala Upazila from 1st December 2015 to 15th December 2015 from the southern region of Bangladesh including the northern region. Shahbag police station, Dhanmondi and other important police stations of the megacity are notified and alerted Speeches, assistance in promotion of national anthem is expected.

Director Administration, Teacher and Researcher Mr. Indranil and Inspector and Photojournalist Abu Huraira devoted himself to the organization’s research, promotion and publication work, which was done under the direct patronage of Sheikh Muniruzzaman. The reality of which is evident in the visual images of the Law and Rights Implementation Forum.

To eradicate fundamentalism, militancy to remove fanaticism of rural masses through continuous social work. Distributed pamphlets on union research. 68 offices are used in direct cooperation with the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh through the Postal Department. whose direct evidence and acknowledgment receipts are kept.

Leaflets and brochures are circulated to boost the morale of officials in educational, medical and administrative departments.

Non-governmental organizations working to implement the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights implement laws and rights While playing the role of the main organizer of the forum, I was criticized against various Jamaat-BNP.

Amritya Bangabandhu Awami League, Sheikh Hasina’s promotion and exposure as a constant warrior at home and abroad. I was subjected to various criticisms.

I will not hesitate to set an example of love for Bangabandhu’s daughter through patriotism and self-sacrifice in the changing politics and global context.

(S.M Moniruzzaman)
Email: Monirzaman11521@gmail.com

Published in Bangla by Uttaradhikar 71 News:
★History analogy story★

17 March 2017
S.M Moniruzzaman:

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was born on 17th March 1920, the worthy successor of the descendant of the murid Darvesh Sheikh Awal (RA) of Baizid Bostami (RA) as ‘Arasatul Ambiya’ for standing in favor of Islam (Peace). The good journey begins with the establishment of Islamic discipline; The actual creation of which is Bangladesh. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman received the highest degree from Calcutta Aliya Madrasa in 1947 and started thinking about the happiness and sorrows of the innocent Bengalis of his Bengal.

He used to dedicate his life selflessly to the benefit of others. The main hero of Maududibad group. Maudud invented anti-Islam principles-first: Fanaticism, second: Fundamentalism. He chose his motherland (West Pakistan) as his headquarters. Maudud Bahini was formed to destroy life and peace in the name of establishing Islam.

The victim of Maudud forces’ conspiracy is the peaceful traditional Indian sub-continent. India and Pakistan were divided. India is known as the Indus river, changed to Hindustan. And Pakistan is known by the name of Paki river, as Pakistan. Victory was the first step in the commercialization of Maududgruna religiondid Because Dr. Maudud knew that in order to decentralize religion, it was necessary to separate India, the holy land of Sanatan Dharma. The inner circle took form; East Pakistan and West Pakistan. East Pakistan is known as Banganchal i.e. Bengali language and East Bengal on the other hand West Pakistan. Pakistani state at its core.

The oppression and lawlessness of the Pakistani Maududi group, followers of the Urdu language, started on the innocent Bengalis of East Bengal. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman joined the Awami Muslim League, a political organization formed in East Bengal, to seek the liberation of the Bengali nation. He chose Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani and Hussain Shahid as political gurusSuhrawardy. Prerna Adarsh Guru revered Mahatma Gandhi as a role model. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s religious research program is ongoing, the aim is to rescue the innocent Bengali nation from the hands of the Pakistani Maudud group and to give free life to the nation regardless of religion, caste, caste. Awami Muslim League is non-sectarianIt was given the form of ‘Awami League’ to suit everyone. On June 23, 1955, Awami League, a non-sectarian political organization, started its journey from Rose Garden. President is Maulana Bhashani, general secretary is Hossain Shaheed Suhrawardy, joint general secretary is Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Brave of Awami LeagueSheikh Mujibur Rahman, the worthy successor of the dervish Sheikh Awal’s descendants in all activities of the Bengali nation’s liberation struggle, took the role. ‘Bangabandhu’ as an honorary introduction to Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Bangali after his release in the 6-point-based 11-point demand at the Race Course Maidan on 22 February 1969. Received the title. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman prepared the research term ‘Mujibism’ in the light of the Qur’an to give free life to the Bengali nation. That policy is capable of destruction like a sharp weapon; The anti-Islam policy of Maududibad. Bangabandhu gave a dream to the Bengali nationof freedom He declared Mujibism as the principle of great independence. Principles: First- Bengali nationalism; Second – secularism; Thirdly- introduction of social economy and fourthly- secularism. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on March 7, 1971 is historic in order to implement the principleHe called for the great freedom struggle by uniting the entire Bengali nation irrespective of religion, caste and tribe in the race course and urged the Bengali nation to be ready for the struggle for political liberation.

Gradually, Bangabandhu continued to guide the turbulent Bengalis and on March 26, 1971, he declared the great independence of the Bengali nation, which had been achieved for a thousand years. After nine long months of struggle, the subjugated Bengalis got independence; Freed from the tyranny of the Pakistani Maudood group; Bangabandhu gave the gift of an independent-sovereignState of Bangladesh; We got a free and independent motherland.

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is the great hero of the great freedom struggle, the architect of the independent-sovereign state, honored as the father of the Bengali nation. The innocent Bengali regained the path of life under the guidance of the father of the nation. Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman formed the first government of independent Bengal in 1972. startedThe overall program of political emancipation of the Bengali nation under the leadership of Bangabandhu. But the defeated Pakistani Maudud clan could not accept the defeat of the great freedom struggle. The conspiracy continued with the support of the American ruling class; In order to continue the activities of establishing Maududibad in independent Bangladesh; To orphan the Bengali nationFather of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s Research Principles Robbery and Assassination Plan of Bangabandhu. Such a despicable plan of Maudud group was not succeeding at all. With the help of Harry Kitchinger, the Pakistani Maudud group, with the greed of establishing a political party with state power in independent Bangladesh, took the hand of Mostak Gong, Paki. Major Ziaur Rahman of the army was appointed as an agent. Ziaur Rahman secretly took the army’s patrol team hostage by abusing power. 15th August 1975 was fixed as the day for the implementation of the plan making game. The well-planned Paki agents got hold of the power of Bengal, but with the motherland, the innocent raceAlong with his father, he started the campaign against his own property in Bangabandhu’s house no. 32 of Dhanmondi. Brutally killed everyone including Bangabandhu’s family. Robbed the Bengali nation’s free life policy. The ongoing Bengali race; The newly independent Bangladesh went back like a ghost’s feet. Bengalis are orphans;The country is in turmoil; The black paw of Pakistani Maududiism sat on the shoulders of the nation. Illegally came to power – national murderer, self-confessed dishonest, paki agent, follower of Maududibad Ziaur Rahman.

‘Sacrifice your own soul; The great man received recognition- Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’.

Joy Bangla, Joy Bangabandhu

Author: Chairman, Law and Rights Implementation Forum, A&ABF.

[(15 August 1947-1975 after partition of the Indian subcontinent)
Source: Pakistan in introduction
Purpose: Establishment of Maududiism and establishment of imperialism by selling religion and Koran.]